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In the summer of 2006, owner and chef of Green Zone, JiL, and her husband, Terry, had a vision. Inspired by healthy eating, the couple believed that simplicity, along with pure, fresh, organic ingredients could creat the most memorable and satisfying meals. They were confident in their knowledge that eating healthy did not mean sacrificing flavor.

That summer, amid protests from family and friends - who considered such a risky business venture disastrous, they sat down with their 9 year old daughter and began to plan Green Zone's very first menu.

Before they knew it, Green Zone had become a community favorite: a stark standout in the San Gabriel Valley, an area studded with glowing massage parlors and MSG saturated Chinese restaurants.

Their vision of Green Zone became a reality, and 7 years later, it remains a success. Green Zone is a place where you can find fresh, healthy, and innovative foods served by a passionate staff - a place where living healthy is a standard.




534 E Valley Blvd,

San Gabriel, CA 91776

(626) 288-9300